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Layered Dessert Jars

 Our layered dessert jars are filled with adventurous & innovative flavor combinations.  This is our unique variation on an old fashioned dessert, the trifle. We are bringing back this forgotten dessert in a fun way for a new generation. 

*Trifles are traditionally made in a large deep glass bowl so you can see all the layers  The word “Trifle” comes from the French word “trufle”, meaning something trite or whimsical, although this sweet is anything but trite. 


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Artistry & Quality

We are fully committed to offering our clients a unique dessert jar that holds quality ingredients and is carefully crafted, the good old fashion way. 

All puddings and whipped cream are made fresh in house to order. Our fresh whipped cream is marbled with vibrant colors by hand with a true artistry. Our eggs are also sourced from  friendly neighborhood chickens.

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Reusable Jars & Hand Painted Labels

Truly unique inside and out.  All artwork is original and was hand painted in watercolors by Spoonfuls Inc owner, Daniela Alvarez.  These labels feature her sidekick, Spoon.

We invite our customer to reuse our  glass jars and enjoy their colorful company. Let's do our parts and add some beauty into this world.

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